Zombies: Holding collectibles and dividing up bonus pools | by CCC(Crowd Created Canvas) | Nov, 2021

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Zombies: Holding collectibles and dividing up bonus pools | by CCC(Crowd Created Canvas) | Nov, 2021

CCC(Crowd Created Canvas)
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On November 24th, at 6 pm PST, CCC Protocol will be releasing NFTs about Twitter Airdrop activities; On November 29th, at 6 pm PST as well, we will further release the painting incentives NFT Airdrop. Now let’s talk about the zombie’s personality and their functions and integration into the CCC.

Airdrop and Minting Process

The Twitter Airdrop event: 405 addresses + volunteers + bug discoverers

source: https://Twitter.com/CCC protocol/status/14426628539049816? s=20

First canvas painting airdrop: 1,000 addresses

source: https://medium.com/@ cccprotocol/what-is-crowd-created-canvas-7ed8b303c19b

Minting zombie NFTs: We are putting up for public sale a total of 1000 zombie NFTs. The activity was supposed to last for 7 days, however due to community request we have decided to prolong it for a few more days.

source: https://twitter.com/CCCProtocol/status/1455822753911607298?s=20

Combat zombies: Legends, OGs, Heroes

Zombies affected by the epidemic gradually mutate and familiarize themselves with the new environment. Each zombie has different environmental accessories. They have various fighting powers, not to mention their defensive and agility skills. Which we classified into three levels: legend, OG, and hero.

Legends account only 1% of the zombies they belong to the temple-level of their evolution.


Moving very fast

High-level environmental background

Wearing designer shoes

Sophisticated meta v1 first Gen weapons

OGs account for about 10% of all, they are constantly looking for trouble, due to the flashback related to their previous dark life.

Basic level of environmental background

Wearing accessories (hat, gold chain etc..)

Move fast due to their designer shoes

Handmade weapons

Heroes account for nearly 89% of all zombies, moreover some of their attributes still have the characteristics of native zombies.

They are not fully evolved, but they still have a 5% probability of getting legend-level equipment or a 50% probability of getting OG-level equipment.

Unconscious and slow

Always on foot

Simple environmental background

Unable to use weapons

Their power is in competitive battles where they get some superpower, making them invincible.

They will be of great use in the future, as zombies will be integrated into GameFi. C3- protocol is actually in talks with different gaming companies in order to integrate zombies and make their holders earn some profit just by holding the NFT character.

Zombies under the epidemic have the right to hold dividends

Zombies not only have fighting power but can also make 50% profit for the holder from the crowd canvas Bonus pool.

With the upgrade of Beta 3.0, we will distribute 50% of the bonus pool income of “Track 1” equally to zombie holders. Before the deadline of each canvas, we will take a snapshot of zombie NFT holders on the CCC platform and distribute WICP revenue equally.

In other words, as long as a user is holding, he will be eligible for CCC dividend.

We also upgraded Crowd Canvas to the 1155 standard. This means when a canvas is fully built, the owner of each pixel can still trade the pixels in the secondary market. That upgrade will prevent the pixels held by the last layer of pixels from becoming invalid.

On the CCC platform, users can hold zombies with fighting powers as NFTs, along with making money through our dividend system.

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