We always love to hear your valuable feedback so we can focus on building the Killer dApp of Cryptos, StiB P2P (Available on Android Store and for iOS you have to go through Testflight https://p2p.StiB.co). Our mission is to bring Cryptos to everyone with StiB’s suite of smart contracts to decentralize the world of finance.

* Lending to StiB’s Reserves at high interests up to 12% APR with your stablecoins like usdt or dai…

* Borrow stablecoins against your btc and/or eth quickly as low as 4.9% annually we expand and scale fiats

* Build your Credit to borrow at Zero Collaterals at 9.8% APR as it’s always double the collateralized loans
** Your Credit = Your paid interests + earned interests
** No bad credits
** No documents
** No verifications

– up to $1000 you earn 100% of Credit
– from $1001 to $5000: 95%
– up to $10k: 90% (mostly individuals)
– up to $20k: 80%
– up to $30k: 70%
– up to $40k: 60%
– up to $50k: 50%
– up to $60k: 40%
– up to $70k: 30%
– up to $80k: 20%
– up to $90k: 10% (small businesses)
– up to $100k: 9%
– up to $200k: 8%
– up to $300k: 7%
– up to $400k: 6%
– up to $500k: 5%
– up to $600k: 4%
– up to $700k: 3%
– up to $800k: 2%
– up to $900k: 1% (big businesses and institutions)
– up to $1M: 0.9% ($2M/0.8%, $3M/0.7%, $4M/0.6%, $5M/0.5%, $6M/0.4%, $7M/0.3%, $8M/0.2%, $9M/0.1%…)
*** We are working on the best algorithms to integrate into StiB’s lending smart contract so Zero Collaterals will be possible before the Summer!

For example:

  1. You borrow $10k against your btc and the interest you pay for 12 months will be $500 which is the earned Credit you can later borrow without collaterals

  2. You lend $10k usdt to StiB’s Reserves at 12% for 1 year then the interests you earn will be $1200 and your earned Credit: 100% of the first $1000 and 95% of $200 = $190. So your Credit is 1000 + 190 == $1190 that you can borrow without Collaterals. If you pay back on time or even late to maintain your Credit it is always great; however if you can’t pay back then your Credit is reduced and reset to start over with no bad debts.

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