you own 1BTC : Bitcoin

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you own 1BTC : Bitcoin

scenario: you own 1BTC and in 20 years bitcoin is unequivocally the global standard store of value. the Earth’s population is 9.3 billion. just over 50% of the programmed BTC supply has been lost due to death, keys, etc. and there are roughly 10 million coins left in circulation.

so how rich are you? at rock bottom you are but one of at most 10 million people to own at least 1BTC. that alone would put you in the 0.1% of the population. but of course it’s a much, much smaller pool than that given the bags of countries and institutions and whales galore along with the hoards of people who only own satoshi’s. so just how exclusive is your wealth with a single BTC in 2042?

lay out your best estimate.

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