You Could Wake Up on Mars Tomorrow

You Could Wake Up on Mars Tomorrow

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Airbnb Is Giving Away $100,000 to 100 People

Considering becoming a host on Airbnb? The company will pay you $100k to make it happen — but there’s a catch »

Should Wall Street Get Stoned?

Many believe corporate greed is a major problem in America. But there may be a solution: smoking weed. Seriously »

A Private Bartender and Unlimited Video Games

As a kid, the idea of spending the night in an arcade sounded like a dream. Now, as an adult, you have a chance to turn this dream into a reality. Here’s how »

“Alexa, Bring Grandma Back from the Dead”

Alexa may soon be able to read stories while mimicking the voice of a loved one — even someone who’s already passed on. Learn how it works here »

You Could Wake Up on Mars Tomorrow

It might be unlikely that you’ll wake up tomorrow and find yourself on the Red Planet. But according to a theoretical physicist, the chances aren’t zero. Get the scoop »


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