Xterio Games: Get $5000 Airdrop by spending only $5 ( No SocialFi). | by Hidden Crypto Airdrops | Apr, 2024

Step 1: Visit Xterio’s Bridge website to Bridge some Bnb to Xterio Chain.

Bridge Link: https://bridge.xter.io/deposit

Note: Bridge minimum $5 worth of BNB.

Step 2: To Bridge BNB , Enter the BNB value in the first field and click on Deposit. Refer to below image.

Step 3: Click on Confirm and wait for some time. It will take 10–15 seconds.Refer to below image.

Step 4: Now switch to Xterio Chain. Click on switch network and click on Xterio. Click Approve in Pop up.

Step 5: Click on “Claim your palio egg” & Connect Metamask wallet.

Step 6: Now it’s time to get a Boost. Click on the plus icon and enter the below code in Friend’s Boost.

Code : cde5f002086a605fa567a8f3f5bb3d78

Now proceed to Claim Apple eggs and others as marked in the below image. Approve the same in Metamask Wallet.

Step 7: Next, Proceed to interact with PALIO

Take note of the Question and answer. More detailed answers will give you more points. Use chatgpt for it.

Step 8: Claim points/NFT & approve tx in Metamask.

Step 9: Now complete more Quest to get voting powers.

Step 10: Vote for Polio Star. Select any with the lead.

Step 11: Done! Now Claim boosters daily, do Quests, chat with PABLO, and earn maximum points.

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