Would you use this no-KYC service?

I've recently been using QR code payments at a variety of vendors. CashApp, Venmo, and others all allow small businesses to accept instant payment via QR codes. The person purchasing the good scans the code with one of these apps and pays. Services like FedNow seem poised to adopt similar payment strategies, with plans to build their own dedicated app and allow users to pay with a QR code scanner.

I'm considering building a service that allows users to connect before they make one of these QR code payments. However, instead of scanning with the payment app, they would send the QR code to the other user they've connected with who pays the invoice for you. Upon successful payment the payer immediately receive the equivalent amount of sats.

This service would allow one user to pay for any goods that accept QR code payment in bitcoin, and the other user to acquire non-KYC sats with their payment disguised as a random spend at a store.

Would you personally use a service like this? I've seen many things that are similar allowing CashApp or Venmo transfers peer-to-peer, but nothing that happens at the actual point of sale. This has the added perk of these transactions truly being direct to various businesses and looking much more "legit".

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