2020 airdrop

The participants least 1000 AQUA tokens on Cerviero IEO, will earn an additional 100 AQUA as a bonus.

Hello, Welcome to Cerviero Airdrop Bot :four_leaf_clover:

:red_circle: Hydroponic Cerviero is a cultivation and irrigation innovative system that allows plant cultivation onto the ground and out the earth.

:red_circle: You can get up to 200 AQUA ($46) for participating in our airdrop and 10 AQUA ($2.3) for each person you refer to.

:heavy_dollar_sign: 1 AQUA = 0.23 USD

BOUNTY ($299k worth of AQUA tokens pool)

Cerviero is running a Bounty at the moment. The total bounty pool is 1,300,000,000 AQUA ($299,000). You can earn extra tokens by participating in the bounty .

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This Airdrop after end IEO and ICO Launch Top exchange .

after end airdrop Distribution start and send token to your ERC20 wallet .

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