Where do we keep our BTC when transaction fees greatly increase

Hi, this is a question for someone more well versed in BTC than me. I was reading recently that as adoption increases and if indeed it skyrockets in the next few years as is predicted, blocksize space will become so scarce that the fees to move on and off the base layer will be very high, to a point that only large institutions will really use it for settlements (this is something Hal Finney foresaw even back in 2010).

I keep mine in a cold wallet which carries out a base layer transaction whenever sats are move onto or off it, in the near future will it make sense to keep some away from the base layer e.g. in a lightning channel to avoid fees when I wish to use it? Am I not thinking about this correctly? Is the transaction fee only relative to the value and therefore worth it? pls help me out if you have a spare moment

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