Hey crypto friends, whilst being around ethereum gambling in the internet trying to win some eth today i discovered a site called ponzi.gg (weird name LOL), it reminded me of some old project like 3 years ago, i don’t really remember the name.
Whatever, the site itself seemed quite dead when i checked it out so i did not try it. Whatsoever this concept seems interesting, it is actually build on the ponzi scheme but seems to be profitable… well like it was for some people back in ponzi’s days aswell. Would you suggest to use this, do you have any idea about some tactics for a safer use of this page??
I was reading on how it works and figured to try it out, ended up not to try it because of the inactivity, whatever i will keep an eye on this site’s activity, because this seems interesting as f***! Let’s get back to topic, whats your opinion about this, would you try this out or rather stay away from such?

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