What the Latest Trading Patterns Suggest for Ethereum’s Price

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  • Ethereum’s recent performance shows a 3.96% drop, with further declines over the week totaling 6.81%.
  • Despite a challenging month, Ethereum saw a 20% increase, highlighting its volatile yet resilient market nature.

Peter Brandt, has recently identified a pattern in the Ethereum market. His observations highlight a heads and shoulders top pattern on Ethereum’s chart, which typically indicates a transition from bullish to bearish trends. This pattern features three peaks, with the central peak standing taller than the adjacent ones. Brandt’s insight suggests a potential decline in Ethereum’s price in the near future.

Currently, Ethereum’s performance reflects a downturn, with a recent decrease of 3.96% bringing the price to $3,520.37. This drop is part of a broader market decline, with Ethereum experiencing a 6.81% loss over the past week.

Despite this, Ethereum showed a 20% increase over the past month, showcasing a mix of volatility and resilience.

Brandt’s analysis points to a possible further decrease in Ethereum’s value

Historically, Ethereum’s lowest recent price was $2,863.54. If Brandt’s prediction holds true, the $3,000 and $2,800 levels could become crucial support zones for the cryptocurrency. This prediction emerges amid broader concerns in the market, despite positive regulatory developments.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a spot Ethereum ETF, yet trading for these products has not begun. This approval marks a clear path forward, but the market is still grappling with potential issues regarding liquidity.

The existing Spot Bitcoin ETFs have seen significant inflows, raising questions about Ethereum’s ability to capture a share of the market under these new conditions.

The immediate future for Ethereum seems to pivot on regulatory feedback and market reactions. Reports suggest that an Ethereum ETF issuer may receive feedback on S-1 registrations soon. While details of the negotiations remain limited, market analysts are generally optimistic about the approval of these registrations.

Peter Brandt, known for his cautious stance on cryptocurrencies, remains skeptical about Ethereum’s potential for a price surge. Despite his bearish outlook, he explicitly mentioned that he does not short cryptocurrencies, which minimizes his risk if Ethereum unexpectedly rallies.

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