HEX 2019 = Bitcoin 2009 = Free money

HEX 加密货币 — 中国

HEX Information Website www.hex-win.com

Some people on the cryptosphere are going have a second chance to get wealthy.

HEX, the new cryptocurrency crafted by Richard Heart maximizes to it’s finest what Bitcoin has shown to do best: Being a store of value, not a means of exchange.

But contrary to Bitcoin, HEX has been shaped from the ground up just for this single purpose.

Bitcoin’s heavy competition has been mainly focusing its efforts in being faster, cheaper and more stable, thus trying to exploit Bitcoin’s weak spots. But nobody had focused its efforts in only “what-really-works” out of Bitcoin.

HEX is going to wake them all up.

  • HEX is a free Airdrop for Bitcoin holders.
  • You get 10.000 HEX for every 1 BTC you claim, starting from 0.0000001 BTC.
  • HEX is an ERC-20 Ethereum token coded to behave as a Bank Deposit with up to 20% annual interest on stacked coins. These locked-up coins disappear from the market.
  • You get +300% interests the first 50 weeks if you lock-up your coins.

Taking in account that extraordinary amount of interests offered if you lock-up your coins:

1 . How many HEX do you think are going to be available to buy the first year?

2. What is going to be the price paid to get some?

3 . Where is HEX’s MarketCap going to move?

  • You get 20% extra for early claim.
  • You will be losing 2% of your stack every week you don’t claim. All unclaimed coins go to stackers.
  • Wallets with +1000 BTC get 50% penalty. Wallets with +10,000 BTC get 75% penalty. Multisig wallets (Exchanges) can not claim. That helps a lot avoiding dumping.
  • Airdrop is 10.000 HEX per 1 BTC. You get 11.000 HEX if you claim through a referral link.

On Autumn 2019 the HEX team will take a SNAPSHOT of the Bitcoin blockchain, that will allow to know which wallets have how much Bitcoin AT THAT EXACT MOMENT.

All those who THAT DATE own Bitcoin in a Wallet with THEIR OWN seed phrase in a Legacy or Segwit Bech32 wallet will have the right to claim their HEX.


  1. By the date of June 1st try to have as much Bitcoin in your wallet as you can. You can sell it right after the Snapshot date if you want.
  2. Go to the Claim Tutorials at www.hex-win.com and follow them.
  3. Allow few days for the claiming process to proceed and send your coins to your Ethereum address. Then follow again the Tutorials to stack the coins and make up to x3 in 50 weeks.

If you have security concerns take in account the process can be done OFFLINE and through a VPN.

You have a unique chance to get into a TOP 1 coin and get more yearly dividends than any other coin.

If you want to know the SNAPSHOT DATE to claim your FREE HEX subscribe to:

> hex-win.com/claim your hex

>> hex-win.com/super buy

>>> hex-win.com/F.A.Q

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