What happens when you get informed by fake news, Buterin about El Salvador : Bitcoin

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What happens when you get informed by fake news, Buterin about El Salvador : Bitcoin

Hi! First time posting here.

This is my opinion about what Buterin said, I’m salvadorian and maybe I’m not the regular salvadorian but if the law didn’t require big businesses to accept bitcoin most likely I wouln’t be able to pay in the supermarket. I work online and I receive my payments in bitcoin. I found online jobs as my salvation for the moment while I find something better, here in the country I haven’t been able to find a job in my field as a creative artist and illustrator.

Our law says that those businesses must accept bitcoin but they’re not forced to receive them. How so? Thru the national wallet Chivo they have the option to instantly convert the bitcoins they’re receiving into US dollar. And the government has repeatedly said that it’s fully optional to receive bitcoin. Now with that said, we, salvadorians, know that there is plenty of fake news in the internet created to make El Salvador look like dumb and I know it myself because as a content creator in the internet these people have contacted me to create fake news for them. Many of these news didn’t tell all the truth about what is happening here. These news have created the notion that Nayib is a dictator and evil person to their target auience, which Buterin fits into. Now, about the ideal of freedom that Buterin talks about, we’re still free to use or not bitcoin, AND if the law didn’t require busineses to accept bitcoin who would have that freedom restricted would be me.

The thing is that bitcoin was adapted to our reality as a society and not as a simple technology and they didn’t just leave the people on god’s will to whatever happens to them. Buterin was right that some people was scammed but again, the government has announced they’re going for these scammers. I don’t agree with many things about Nayib but the thing is that all salvadorians have to push to take our country out of where it was in the past and this just gives me the feeling that even with some mistakes (the government’s app failed a lot at it’s launch, for example), at least we are giving little stept and not being in the same position forever as a country.

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