blockchain Airdrop

Secure your spot in the Airdrop with Blockstack today!

We created the Blockchain Airdrop program to make it safe and easy for users to try and discover new crypto. In order to ensure that the airdrop is fairly distributed and is going to real people, you must be a Gold Level user in order to participate.

Gold Level users can automatically reserve Stacks by simply logging in to the Blockchain Wallet. Not Gold Level? It’s easy to upgrade. Visit your Wallet’s profile and submit an accepted form of identification and take a photo. Unfortunately due to regulatory reasons, users in the United States, Canada, and Japan are ineligible to receive Stacks.

We plan to airdrop the Stacks to all users at the same time before February 2020, and we’ll notify you when your tokens have been delivered, so keep an eye on your email inbox!

Sign up for a Wallet and get to Gold Level to get free crypto! Stay tuned for more airdrop details here on our blog and social channels

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