Are there any wallets that can spend a CLTV address after the timelock expires?

  1. Use to create CTLV address to lock funds for a week.

  2. Retrieve address 3thisisactlvadress from (your CLTV address you created)

  3. Send 0.01 BTC to 3thisisactlvadress

  4. Wait a week.

  5. Import 3thisisactlvadress into WalletX

  6. Using WalletX send your 0.01 BTC to your HW wallet at bc1thisismyhwwalletaddress.

Does WalletX exist? Doesn’t Electrum still have a feature request open to add support for CTLV.

You can write you own spend TXN by hand I suppose… But most aren’t down with that.

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