Vanci.Finance BSC. -$Vanci | by Vanci | Feb, 2021

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Vanci.Finance BSC. -$Vanci | by Vanci | Feb, 2021


Decentralized crypto tokens have been growing ever more popular throughout 2020. Currently, the DeFi market has a staggering value of $74.41 Billion at the time of writing and is rapidly growing.

Vanci relies on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem to provide the best user experience to our holders. Read on to find why $VANCI Binance Smart Chain diamond you will want to hold on for life.

Vanci.Finance is an improved version of pCATv2.Finance, which was developed to bestow its holders for their token loyalty by granting them extraordinary farming rewards.

Being a fork of $CORE with a brand new vision of #RFI and $VAULTZ rules it has been rewarding holders with both $pCATv2 tokens and #ETH.

Imagine the APY you can recieve for holding such a coin for the long-term. The tokenomics thought out in such projects are geared to go beyond the bubble.

For more than a month since the latest release of pCAT, we have been developing $Vanci based on pCAT`s code to bring you a new and improved version.

$Vanci works to solve the issues that plagued its ancestors and brings enhancements to the whole idea. $Vanci will be launching on Binance Smart Chain, holders will be rewarded with $Vanci tokens and BNB without the hefty fee.

4% Tax on Buy [set slippage at +4%]

5% Tax on Sell to mitigate selling pressure [2% is automatically sent to $vanci holders, 2% is siphoned into the liquidity pool and the remaining 1% wait… We did something amazing here!]

– 1% of all sales are redistributed as BNB rewards to $Vanci holders!

But wait, there’s more! We have some presents for you to make the launch a space shot!

Airdrop beneficiaries won’t be able to sell or transfer for the first 12hrs after launch! (they will still be able to participate in the presale with an alternative wallet address)

For the 1st hour, Tx taxes will be 30%.

For the 2nd hour; 10%.

From the 3rd hour onwards taxes will be set 6%.

Finally, after the 12 hour mark airdrop receivers would be allowed to trade as per the following Tx tariffs:

1st hour: 30%

2nd hour: 10%

Then it will follow at 6%

Max. Supply of 25k $VANCI

5137 will go to airdrops!

15k for presale (Raising 500 BNB!)

No team tokens (as always)

No free tokens for any shillers involved

The remaining tokens will go into liquidity

PRESALE DATE: Tuesday, 23rd of February


The selling presale price is 0.033 BNB

The listing price would be 0.035 BNB (Now we don’t want presale guys to dump either now do we!?)

350 BNB goes directly to liquidity.

150 BNB goes to a BuyBack wallet.



Since the very inception of this project, we have been considering our target demographic as people who possess a high IQ when it comes to the crypto space. There are many of you out there who have seen a pattern in potential moonshots and so have we. With the right mindset, proper tools and up-to-date knowledge of new and innovative tokenomics one can easily be well on their way to become a crypto kingpin.

Uniswap had a stellar success story from the get-go, but as its market grew it started to show its issues:

Since the end of 2020 Ethereum gas prices have been critically increasing with the maximum average price more than 500Gwei.

Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are two of the most common blockchains of choice for DeFi projects. But when it comes to blockchain fees, Binance Smart Chain is substantially more cost-effective than Ethereum.

Pancake Swap, which is the most used DEX to trade BEP20 tokens charges its users with fees ranging from ~$4c to ~$24c which is incredibly lower than Uniswap fees.

While the DeFi community is growing, the number of transactions on Uniswap increased as well as the transaction time.

Binance Smart Chain was specifically designed to enhance scalability in blockchains with high throughput for easy implementation of smart contracts to build scalable decentralized applications.

Pancake swap offers its users faster transaction times averaging ~3 seconds.

BSC is an emerging crypto market and as of now, it gives enormous gains to the coins which are launched on the platform, often pushing it more than 10 times its value!

The project team has always cared about our community members and loyal coin holders, launching $Vanci on BSC was hence a no-brainer for us.

Stay tuned with us on the way to your financial freedom!



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