Harmonic Pattern plus and profitable pattern scanner are the great harmonic pattern detection indicator. Some trader asked me if they can use
Harmonic Pattern Plus and Profitable Pattern Scanner together.

The short answer is yes. It is possible to combine them. Even though both indicators detect harmonic
patterns, they are using completely different pattern detection algorithm. Harmonic pattern Plus uses the classic pattern detection
algorithm whereas Profitable Pattern Scanner uses non repainting pattern detection algorithm (i.e. latest pattern detection

There can be some overlapping in the detected patterns. However, there are also many different patterns can be detected. If both indicator
detect the same patterns, then the patterns are often more accurate. At the same time, with non overlapping patterns, you have less chance to
miss out the good signals.

When you want to use channel function together with Harmonic Pattern, then use the channel function in Profitable Pattern Scanner because it
is more advanced version.

Of course, the same thing applies to Harmonic Pattern Scenario planner.

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