Update to the situation in which I sent $5000 in btc to the wrong address. I got the money back! (Original story linked inside) : Bitcoin

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Update to the situation in which I sent $5000 in btc to the wrong address. I got the money back! (Original story linked inside) : Bitcoin

This is a follow up to


This all began on July 3rd.

After I noticed the wallet I sent it to was an output address used by Kraken I immediately emailed them asking for help and what my options were.

Over the course of the next week I sent many emails back and forth explaining the situation and how I meant to send it to a Coinbase wallet but accidentally long-pressed on an output address used in the transaction from Kraken to my Electrum wallet.

Finally they send me an email saying they’ve identified the owner of the account and would be emailing them to ask if they would allow their email to be shared with me so we could actually speak and resolve the situation.

The guy ended up being from Brazil and when he received the money he moved it to an online Casino where he proceeded to lose $2000 before seeing the email from Kraken.

After seeing the email from Kraken, he actually emailed me! It took a lot of convincing that this wasn’t some sort of elaborate scam and I explained that the $2k “lost” wouldnt be a problem if he returned the rest of the money.

He wanted me to sign some sort of contract stating what happened, we both signed it and this morning I woke up to .10 in my Electrum wallet.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I just want to send a huge shout-out to Kraken for helping me navigate this ridiculous situation I put myself in.

I want to send an even bigger shout-out to the man that received the coin and was willing to send what was remaining back.

I don’t even care about the $2k and I’m honestly hoping he just made that story about the casino up so he could keep the $2k because he deserves it and I know $2k goes a long fuckin way in Brazil so I honestly feel like really good about it. How could I not?

I’ve never heard a story like this in the btc world. Ive been trading since 2013 and never made the mistake of sending money to the wrong address and the stories I’ve heard of people who have, I’ve never heard of a story of that btc being recovered in such a fashion.

I am beside myself with joy. It looks like I’ll be able to buy the car I want after all.

I’ve always said I’m simultaneously the luckiest/unluckiest person I know and this is solid fuckin evidence right here.



I quite literally thought I lost that money for good and this whole ordeal has been such a whirlwind. I’m so glad it’s been resolved but it wouldn’t have been if I didn’t study the Blockchain and followed the money, and even then 99.9% you won’t get your money back but I actually fuckin did.

I’m agnostic and this nearly made me believe in God lol

This community is amazing and it was thanks to your help in my initial post, here I am, issue resolved ,15 days later, but resolved.

Happy hodling!

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