Uber’s Weed-Delivery Plans | Crowdability

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Uber’s Weed-Delivery Plans | Crowdability

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Be Like Luke Skywalker

The Lightsaber, famous from the “Star Wars” film franchise, is one of the coolest movie weapons of all-time. But it couldn’t exist in the real world. Or could it? »

Google Is Such a Nag — It’s for Your Own Good

I know it’s not safe to use my smartphone while I’m walking on a crowded sidewalk or driving. But I never thought Google would be the one to scold me for it. Learn more »

Russia’s New Killer Robots

Russia is preparing to launch a new fleet of fearsome robot tanks. They feature 30mm automatic guns, Ataka anti-tank missiles, and Shmel flamethrowers. Is the U.S. in trouble? Find out here »

Get Chatty with Einstein

Albert Einstein died more than a half century ago. Perhaps surprisingly, you can still have a live chat with him about theoretical physics, or even the weather. Get chatty here »

Uber’s Weed-Delivery Plans

Uber started by transporting people. Then it moved to food. Now it’s exploring an expansion into something that’s a bit more “green.” Get the scoop »


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