(This is how I look at it, specifics may be a little paraphrased)

User Activated Soft Fork

What was it

An alternative to scaling the block size limit (and thus altering bitcoins original protocol design parameters). This alternative would permit more transactions without the need to adjust the core protocol.

How did it come about?

Amidst ongoing scaling concerns, we saw many people proposing that bitcoin cannot scale and requires bigger blocks than 1MB, so it can cater to larger amounts of network activity.

Proposals for combinations between UASF (Activating Segregated Witness) and blocksize increase as a compromise, blocksize increase, or no two either and just a technical solution that doesn’t compromise the base layer.

Why it is important to understand

Bitcoin is money to some, it’s income to others, but as a technology it solves one single problem.

Digital scarcity. In order for anything in this world or universe to be deemed scarce, we must be able to prove it’s defensibility. Against being reproduced, copied, weather storms if it’s raw materials, or be resilient against robbery at a larger scale (like wars between governments over natural resources).


If you teleport back to cave man days, and consider a cave man with a gold bar and a plank of wood. He takes them to the market to trade for food. 1 gold bar or 1 plank of wood can purchase a steak.

Now he returns back to his cave and has his wood and gold by the entrance. A storm comes, and it blows and rains, and bashes his stockpile to pieces.

Noticing the changes to his stock, his wood is brittle and diminished from the weather, but his gold has dirt on it, although still in tact. Knowing this, he now elects to spend his wood at the market instead of gold. His gold weathered the storm.

UASF was a defining moment in weathering the storm, and that’s why bitcoin reigns supreme as the crowned heavyweight champion for the Duration Of Immutability title.

Whatever happens moving forward, no matter how your relationship goes with bitcoin, remember that it’s super power may appear boring, but it is the long play. Generational play. It’s immutability is impossible to catch, the longer it goes, and the longer it goes, the stronger that conviction behind it being truly immutable is.

That’s my take on UASF, and it was eye popping once the penny dropped for me (h/t to Neil & Richard).

Do not dismiss immutability, ever. It’s the superpower because it requires the single thing that can’t be bought, time.

Felt this was an analogy that broke the ice to learn more, hope it is helpful to even just one person.

Considering how gentlemen this still is all these years later, hodl.

Long live ??


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