The Turkish city of Konya is not the most
famous place when it comes to technology, and especially not when it comes to
emerging technologies — yet. The city, best known for being the country’s major
cultural center, offers rich history, as well as a lot to see. However, it also
decided to create its own Science and Technology Valley, under the guidance of
the Konya Science Center.

Its focus seems to be on blockchain
technology, and how it can be applied to municipal services. The plans were
originally revealed on January 16th, by Konya
Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay. The mayor decided to propose the idea
during a smart city congress in Ankara. The project would also create a City
Coin, as well as an entire financial ecosystem around it.

The project is also specially focused on
social programs, according to details shared by Dr. Ali Osman Çıbıkdiken, who
acts as the head of the Konya Science and Technology Valley. Its goal is to
allow local governments to manage the reserve fund for social aid by using
blockchain technology.

It is unknown when the project might reach
completion, although the team aims to come up with a prototype in the next six
months. If this happens, the project could go live in about a year.

Turkey advances blockchain

Konya is a pretty large city, with a
population that exceeds 2.4 million. This is more than enough to test how
blockchain in public service might perform. Further, the city is also quite
advanced in terms of smart city applications.

A report published by the city’s Chamber of
Commerce reveals that there are over 10 smart city projects currently underway,
including a payment system that uses contactless credit cards for public
transport, as well as apps for e-municipality functions.

Konya is also not an isolated case, as the
entire country accelerated its efforts regarding the development and use of
blockchain infrastructure. It has plans to develop Digital Lira by the end of
2020, and it already saw the launch of the BiGa Digital Gold platform, by
Turkish Taskbank, among other projects.

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