Triip Airdrop is worth at least 88 TIIM tokens (~$ 1). Share your referral link to earn 33 TIIM tokens (~$ 0.38) for every referral, up to 1,000 referrals. The referee will also receive 11 TIIM tokens. 

Additionally, You will earn 88 TIIM (~$ 1) for submitting your travel plan, and receive a 5% rebate from Triip Hotel. Submit your proof of travel after the trip to earn 264 TIIM more (~$ 3) for every plan you create.

The previous Triip Protocol Airdrop has been successfully completed.

About Triip

Triip is a blockchain-based travelling system for mass adoption pioneered by 100 travel innovators. They have the best price in the world for hotels (via partnership), and they are the only one that gives back all of their commission via cryptocurrencies. Travellers can book a room on their platform in 227 countries, check-in, enjoy a unique tour offered by local and receive cashback via TriipMiles tokens. 

For the first time, travellers can book their trips using blockchain currencies. Triip App is the first travel platform that pays travellers to travel. 

Triip Pte. Ltd is a travel blockchain startup licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), founded in 2014 and has been profitable since October 2017. Triip is an honour Board member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and active member of the United Nation World Travel Organisation (UNWTO)’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. has been featured in several prestigious newspapers with worldwide influence and readership such as The New York TimesForbes,  CNBCAljazeeraCNN, Digital News Asia and many others. 

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How to join the Triip

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

Triip banner

Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide Triip Airdrop

  1. Register for the Triip Airdrop, by downloading the App.
  2. Create an acount, verify your mail & log in to the App. 88 TIIM tokens worth ~$1 will be immediately added to your account.
  3. Spin the lucky wheel to earn more TIIM tokens. 
  4. Additional: You will earn 88 TIIM tokens (~$ 1) for submitting your travel plan. Also, receive a 5% rebate from Triip Hotel. Submit your proof of travel after the trip to earn 264 TIIM more (~$ 3) for every plan you create. 
  5. Refer friends to earn 33 TIIM tokens for each referral (1,000 Referrals maximum). You friend will also earn 11 TIIM tokens.
  6. TOP 9 people with the highest referral will be awarded up to 10,000 TIIM tokens (~$ 150). 
  7. All awarded tokens will be sent to your internal wallet.


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Estimated value

~$ 1 + Lucky wheel + Referral + Prizes

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