An unique
Trend Direction Algorithm! 



Get a A Multi-Timeframe And Multi-Currency Scanner for FREE!

ON a single chart you can monitor any trading instrument on any time-frame you select with TrendMagiX PRO!

Do you want to get TrendMagiX PRO scanner for free? Please
read topic below carefully “How to get TrendMagiX PRO scanner for FREE”


Trading Instrument Selection

This Indicator can be used with any trading instrument:

  • Ideally trade pairs with success rate higher than 65 %.
  • Trade ideally pairs you know the best and the most traders use to trade (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, etc.)
  • Use pairs with lower spread if using for scalping on lower time-frames than M30

Time-frame selection

This Indicator can be used on any time-frame:

  • D1 and above for long term trading
  • H4 for swing trading
  • H1 (or M30) for day trading
  • M15 for scalping

You can use Indicator on multiple time-frames to have one as a min signal and the second one as a confirmation signal etc.


How to trade?

This Indicator provides endless possibilities on hot to trade with it and you should keep in in you trading

Possible usage can be for example:

1.)  – Buy entry when UP trend detected

– Set Take profit as take profit advisor show

– Close trade when opposite signal is detected

2.) – Sell entry when DOWN trend detected

– Set Take profit as take profit advisor show

– Close trade when opposite signal is detected

3.) – Trade along the UP trend or DOWN trend color line

You can filter the trades using multiple time-frames, or multiple settings on one



  • Easy to use (just drag and drop to the chart)
  • Possible to use with any trading instrument
  • Possible to use on any time-frame
  • Take profit advisors
  • Success rate calculator
  • Fully customizable
  • Trend detection alerts and notifications
  • Possible to use with an Expert Advisor via iCustom function
  • Unique algorithm for the trend detection


Multi currency and Multi time-frame scanner

There is no need to open many charts in different time-frames and different trading instruments.

You can just place TrendMagiX PRO to any chart and select time-frames and symbols you want to monitor. The rest will be done for you thanks to
TrendMagiX PRO scanner.

It is intuitive, flexible and customizable:

You can add ANY trading instrument that is available in you Terminal.

  • Symbols – Type all the symbols you want to monitor separated by comma

  • You can select all commonly used time-frames – Just set it to “true” as shown in the picture below


How to get TrendMagiX PRO scanner for FREE

Step 1: You have purchased a copy of TrendMagiX

Step 2: Send me an email on
[email protected]
with these information in subject line:

Subject: TrendMagiX
PRO MT4 (or MT5) – “Your MQL5 username”

Example of Subject line: TrendMagiX PRO MT4 – user12345

How to get TrendMagiX code sample for FREE

You can get a code sample for “iCustom” function intergration for FREE.

Step 1: You have purchased a copy of TrendMagiX

Step 2: Send me an email on [email protected] with
these information in subject line:

Subject: TrendMagiX
CODE SAMPLE MT4 (or MT5) – “Your MQL5 username”

Example of Subject line: TrendMagiX CODE
MT4 – user12345


GET MT4 version:

GET MT5 version:

Coming Soon



Main Settings

  • MainPeriod – Number of bars for main trend calculation

        • Usual values from 4 to 10 for entering trades – better follows short term trend
        • Usual values from 15 to 30 for longer term trend filtering
  • MainFilter – Filtering number for trendline smoothing

        • Usual values from 10 to 60
  • ConfirmDistance – Number of bars that confirms trend direction

  • ReverseFilter – Filter for better stability of signal change detection

        • Usual values from 50 to 100
  • ShowInfoPanel – Show/Hide Info Panel
  • PanelBackgroundColor – Info Panel background color
  • DefaultFontColor – Info Panel main font color
  • PanelHeaderColor – Info Panel Header background color
  • HeaderFontColor – Info Panel Header font color
  • UptrendBackColor – Background color for UPtrend line
  • UptrendFrontColor – Foreground color for UPtrend line
  • DowntrendBackColor – Background color for DOWNtrend line
  • DowntrendFrontColor – Foreground color for DOWNtrend line
  • MidtrendBackColor – Background color for MIDtrend line
  • MidtrendFrontColor – Foreground color for MIDtrend line
  • BackLineWidth – Background Trendline width
  • FrontLineWidth – Foreground Trendline width
  • PlotInBackground – Trendline in foreground/background selction
  • ShowTrendArrows – Background color for UPtrend line
  • ArrowUpColor – UPtrend arrow color
  • ArrowDownColor – DOWNtrend arrow color
  • EnablePushNotifications – Enable/Disable Push notifications for trend detection
  • EnableAlerts – Enable/Disable Alerts for trend detection

Trading Advisors Settings

  • ShowTradingAdvisors – Show/Hide trading advisors
  • AutomaticTPRange – Set automatic Take Profit range (multiplier to calculate
    Take profit distance)

  • MaxProcessedBars – Number of processed bars to calculate all
  • TPsuccessClr – Success Take profit color
  • TPfailClr – Failed take profit color
  • SLhitClr – Closed Trade advisor Color 
  • TPrunningClr – Running take profit target color
  • ManualTakeProfit – You can set manual take profit in points

        • if number is higher than 0 – Automatic take profit calculation is not performed and
          Indicator uses manual take profit for all the statistics

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