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Vision boards have never worked for me.

I’m not saying that they don’t work at all…they certainly work for some people.

It’s all about finding what works best with your unique personality…just like with trading strategies.

But if you’ve tried making vision boards in the past and they didn’t work for you, then I’ll show you what works for me.

This is a fun form of goal setting and can help you improve your trading and your life. 

Why Vision Boards Don’t Work For Me

I thought about this for awhile and I realized that vision boards don’t work for me because they are one-dimensional. They don’t engage enough of my senses for me to get really excited.

I found that after about of week of posting a vision board, it would fade into the background.

Even when I consciously spent time looking at it, I didn’t have the same level of emotion that I had when I first posted the images.

So every vision board that I created eventually got thrown out.

Why Mind Movies are More Effective

Mind Movies are more effective because they engage more of my senses.

They can include:

  • Music
  • Dynamic pictures
  • Videos
  • Moving Text

This leads to a more emotional response to the movie and gets me excited about achieving the goals.

3 Examples of How They Worked For Me

Now that sounds great in theory.

But it’s all about tangible results.

So let’s take a look at a few recent concrete examples of how they worked for me.

Finding a Profitable Trading Strategy

Like most traders, I’ve learned many, many trading strategies over the years.

You probably have too.

I was looking to add another strategy to my portfolio of strategies and I wanted it to be a trend following strategy. So I put that into my movie.

At that point, I was already testing other trend trading strategies, but they weren’t profitable in backtesting.

However, within a month, I was drawn to a trend trading strategy that tested very well and is currently in Beta Testing.

Overcoming My Mental Roadblocks

I’ve done a lot of work on my psychology over the years, but there were still some stubborn bugs that I just couldn’t shake. I talk about them in detail here.

So at the beginning of this year, I put in my movie that I wanted to heal the traumas that are holding me back in life.

As of last month, I have resolved the issues that I wanted to resolve and I feel like a brand new person. 

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. But this year has been a landmark year for me and I feel that it’s because I focused on the specific ways that I wanted to change.

Manifesting a iPhone XR

I recently noticed that my phone was getting slow. So put in my mind movie that I enjoy using my new iPhone XR.

But I wanted it to come as a result of income that I wasn’t expecting.

Within a month of creating the Mind Movie, one of my partners paid me with an amount that paid for the new phone, with a couple hundred bucks to spare.

This partner doesn’t pay me regularly, only when I refer sales.

So that was a nice surprise.

Here’s the phone…

Manifest iPhone XR

More Proof That It Works

But I’m not the only one that this works for. Here are a few more examples of how Mind Movies have worked for others.

From Cancer Survivor to Triathlete

She was told that she would never be able to be an athlete again. But she is now training for a sprint triathlon.

Achieved “Out There” Goals

This guy got results with a stock photo.

Manifesting a $2 Bill

If you don’t believe that this stuff works, start small. This woman started by wanting to manifest a $2 bill.

Here’s what happened…

How to Make a Movie

You simply login to the Mind Movies website and start creating movies.

They have a ton of stock images, movies, affirmations and music that you can use. You can also upload your own or search for YouTube videos to use.

The interface is easy to use and you just drag and drop the elements that you want to add to your movies. You can add text and transitions to each scene and the software will automatically make static pictures more dynamic.

If there’s a downside, the interface feels a little clunky and looks dated. But once you get the hang of it, the software works well.

Mind Movies software

When you are done, you send it to processing. That will create the movie and you can download it when it’s finished.

They also give you the option to upload it to YouTube, so you can share it with others.

The best part is that you get this software for a one-time payment. No monthly fees.


Are Mind Movies and vision boards magic?

It can certainly feel like it.

I believe that you do attract what you focus your mind on.

But Mind Movies are also very practical…

They help you do a combination of things:

  1. Set concrete goals that you can work on achieving
  2. Keep you aware of opportunities in your environment
  3. Get you excited to take action on your dreams

Setting goals is essential for success.

But you can’t just set a goal and forget about it. You have to review your goals on a regular basis and Mind Movies are a fun and energizing way to do it.

Learn more about Mind Movies here.





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