This Simple Trick Keeps Away Intruders

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This Simple Trick Keeps Away Intruders

You rely on Crowdability to bring you the best start-up deals. Now rely on us to bring you the most fascinating stories and trends from the world of technology. You won’t find this stuff in the mainstream press. Look for it every Friday morning.

Amazon Buys a Piece of Facebook

Amazon just acquired one of Facebook’s side businesses. But it didn’t buy it to get into the social media business. It’s shooting higher with its aspirations. Get the scoop here »

A Second Life for Startups

Remember Theranos, Coolest Cooler, or Juicero? These overhyped startups didn’t succeed the first time around. But now they’re getting a second chance. Check it out »

Traffic Stop Leads to Billion-Dollar Idea

An officer in California pulled over a car after noticing something suspicious bolted to its hood. Upon further inspection, it wasn’t something dangerous — it was just Elon Musk’s next billion-dollar idea »

The “Next Big Thing” in Tech Is…

Virtual reality. 3D printing. Natural language processing. Driverless vehicles. They’re all being hailed as the next big thing. But which one will be the biggest? This trend-analyzing AI has the answer »

This Simple Trick Keeps Away Intruders

Looking for a simple way to keep people off your lawn and away from your home? This should do the trick »


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