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“I was fired for not shoveling my sidewalk”

Imagine getting arrested because you didn’t shovel your sidewalk. Or being banned from riding the subway because you watched too much TV. Sounds crazy, but a “Social Credit System” like this is already in place in China. And now it’s coming to the U.S. »

This “Hack” Can Unlock One Third of All Smartphones

Think your phone’s fingerprint reader can keep your information safe? Think again. Researchers at NYU just figured out an easy way to bypass it. Learn more here »

Bezos and Musk Have a $2 Billion Bet

A fierce competition is brewing between two tech icons. The grand prize? $2 billion. Get the details here »

Facebook Will Help You Find Your Soulmate

Facebook has always been good about connecting you with friends. Now it’s hoping to connect you with people who could be more than friends. See why the company is moving from “Likes” to “Loves” »

This Blood Test Reveals When You’re Going to Die

Researchers at the highly regarded Max Planck Institute in Germany have found that a single blood test can predict death with 83% accuracy. Learn more here »


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