I think u/vbuterin has mentioned, if not long ago, the desire to play an MMO if it was built on blockchain. Personally, I always resonated with the concept of “true ownership” and wanted to pursue a small POC I’ve been drafting.

Let’s take a legendary item “The Great Battlesword of Truth” – currently I’ve only considered making this an ERC-721 token, and then using some Layer 2 solution (maybe Matic’s Network, or perhaps OMG’s Plasma) to get the tx/s I’m looking for at scale (10k/s+).

A few questions specifically about the token I have struggled with, and would love to discuss further, if anyone wants to discuss this further or point me in a place where I can really research these for myself:

  1. Do I mirror the item in a database that constantly scans the blockchain for updates whenever the game state updates?

  2. If, as the owner, I want to delete my legendary item, is there a way to delete it? Essentially, to “un-mint” the token as if it never existed?

  3. Can I modify the state of my item and record that state easily on the blockchain? For example, if I wanted to enhance it with a rare enhancement (which may also be tokenized), or perhaps disassemble the item into components which can be used as materials. I’m assuming as the item owner I could access a special contract component to generate a set of new contracts, but what happens to previous builds?

  4. Any recommendations on the best random # generator to use to generate attributes for a given token’s metadata? For example, if I wanted to make an event trigger a % chance of a certain tier of item, which would then at a % chance be assigned a stat distribution, all which I would load when minting the item via its constructor. Is my best option here to do some of this off-chain, or is there a reliable and “provably-fair” way of doing this inside of the blockchain’s ecosystem?

  5. Any blockchain games using ERC-721 really well that you’d recommend? I know only of Chainbreakers (Obviously DCL’s LAND and Cryptokitties, but need not discuss these).

  6. Can ERC-721 tokens be non-unique? In the rare case two players generate two of the exact same item, could this cause an issue, since the tokens are inherently non-fungible?

  7. Is there another token standard I should be investigating?

Happy to hear anyone’s thoughts and input – this is all theoretical, I have just gotten into smart contracts this past month, but was hoping to look at building a first prototype for a probabilistic item generator.

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