The Weirdest Job Listing You’ll Ever See

The Baseball Stadium that Sold for a Dollar
Someone spent one dollar to purchase an old MLB baseball stadium. But then it spent fourteen million dollars on an unusual renovation »
Look Out — “Open Banking” Is Coming
Banks may soon be able to share your info with merchants, fin-tech companies, even competitors. It may sound like a scary invasion of privacy. But it’s not all bad » 
EVs are Suddenly Becoming… Affordable?
Electric vehicles used to come with a steep price tag. But now you can get behind the wheel of one for less than you’d think. Details here »
Drive 100 Miles, Pay $100
California is toying with the idea of getting rid of its gas tax. But instead of taxing gas, it’ll start taxing drivers for every one of these »
The Weirdest Job Listing You’ll Ever See
IKEA is hiring for its newest store. But here’s the wrinkle: the pay is real, but the store isn’t. Interested in learning more? »

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