Terra Cards NFTs | Info Charity Auctions and Airdrop MINE stakers | by we路NFT | Oct, 2021

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Terra Cards NFTs | Info Charity Auctions and Airdrop MINE stakers | by we路NFT | Oct, 2021


Hi #LUNAtics 馃寱

We hope you鈥檙e all ready, because the Terra Cards are almost here! This blog contains all information related to our upcoming charity auctions event which will take about 2 weeks. And of course info about the airdrop to $MINE stakers 馃拵

Terra Cards is a collection of animated NFTs on and about the rapidly evolving Terra Ecoystem. The collection we鈥檒l highlight 100 Terra projects with their own unique Terra Card.

The Terra Cards come in 3 ranks:

Holo Blue 鈰 (3 editions for every project, so 3 x 100 = 300 NFTs in total)
Silver 鈰嗏媶 (2 editions for every project, so 2 x 100 = 200 NFTs in total)
Gold 鈰嗏媶鈰 (1 edition for every project, so 1×100 = 100 NFTs in total)

Resulting in a total of 600 NFTs.

Why the ranks? We have chosen for different ranks and thus more Terra Cards because we believe that everyone should be able to own a piece of TeFi history.

The total of 600 Terra Cards is split in half:

  • 300 NFTs will be auctioned on knowhere.art, of which 50% of all proceeds go to Angel Protocol;

Ranking Terra Cards for auction: 100 Holo Blue, 100 Silver and 100 Gold

  • And another 300 NFTs will be airdropped to random MINE governance stakers.

Ranking Terra Cards to be airdropped: 100 Silver and 200 Holo Blue

Snapshot for the airdrop will be taken after or during the last charity auctions, which is expected to be around October 24th. More details TBA.

As mentioned 300 Terra Cards will be auctioned on knowhere.art. But not all at once, instead the 300 auctions will be spread out over ~2 weeks time.

First auctions will start on Monday 11 October at 10:00 AM UTC

Every 6 hours, 6 new Terra Cards go for auction. Featuring 2 projects at a time in all 3 ranks as you can see above.

Auctions end 24 hours after they start. So you will see auctions starting and ending at 10:00 | 16:00 | 22:00 | 4:00 AM UTC with the last auction expected to end Sunday 24 October.

And remember 50% of all proceeds go to Angel Protocol! Yes of all 300 Terra Cards 馃槆

We鈥檒l announce every auction when it starts on our Twitter page @weNFT_ so make sure you turn on that notification button!

As of right know our focus has been on creating the Terra Cards and getting them out there in your hands. Once the auctions are over and the airdrops are distributed we鈥檒l shift our focus and start our journey to bring extra utility to the Terra Cards.

We鈥檙e thinking of creating our own DAO and let the community decide what utilities they want. For example, think of potential partnerships with projects. That will reward you for just holding their project鈥檚 Terra Card 馃く

With more and more new projects coming every week, we鈥檙e also thinking of Terra Cards series 2. As we have missed too many beautiful projects within the Terra Ecosystem that also deserve their own Terra Card. Stay tuned!

For further announcements and or updates please refer to our Twitter page. For the time being we will not have a Telegram/Discord group because unfortunately we do not have the capacity for that now.

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