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In the past decade I have seen a lot of trading blogs come and go. Here is a list of the blogs that are still active and that I think are among the best online. These blogs share great information on trading, psychology, and risk management. Some of the content you will find on these websites are as good or even better than paid content. by J.B. Marwood

J.B. Marwood does a lot of backtesting on Amibroker and shows what worked in the past. by Trend Spider

Trend Spider shares great posts explaining how to use their charting platform to optimize technical analysis. by Dan Fitzpatrick

Dan Fitzpatrick’s morning market thoughts and free chart of the day are high value posts. by Michael Covel

Best selling author Michael Covel has created the best online resource of trend following trading. by Atanas Matov

Colibri Trader is one of the best sources of technical trading education online. by Constantino Pistou

Tino has created one of the best trading psychology blogs out there explaining the mental and emotional realities of trading. by Yvan Byeajee

Yvan has one of the most in depth trading psychology blogs looking at why we react the way we do to our trades and how to manage or mental and emotional weaknesses. by Rayner Teo

Rayner Teo is a diverse blog for Forex traders and those wanting to learn the principles of profitable trading. by Rolf Schlotmann

Rolf creates some of the best educational trading content online. I love his focus on the math of profitable trading. by Dave Bergstrom 

Dave is one of the best at trading analytics online in backtesting and structuring an edge into your quantified trading system. 

Are there any that I missed? Let me know in a Tweet or messaging me on the social media platform of your choice. 



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Ten Of The Best Trading Blogs
Ten Of The Best Trading Blogs
Ten Of The Best Trading Blogs
Ten Of The Best Trading Blogs

Ten Of The Best Trading Blogs

Ten Of The Best Trading Blogs