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Affiliate is a form of online business similar to the model of collaborators.

In other words, it’s a collaborator model, but it is “optimized” & “technologyized.”

With this form, you can find product distributors with Affiliate programs, register and promote their products, you will get a commission.

When customers buy through your Link (called Affiliate Link), you will get a commission.

Depending on the campaign, there will be different levels of commission and the commission can be up to ~ 30% of the value of the order, quite delicious, isn’t it.

What is Tamodo?
Tamodo is the world’s leading affiliate marketing platform with the highest groundbreaking campaigns and commissions on the market. Register to earn money with Tamodo for free for life. Referral bonus up to 7 levels.

For advertisers, Tamodo is an extremely effective customer growth platform, allowing you to reach millions of customers in just a few simple steps.

For manufacturers, Tamodo is a system that helps you get a stable, best source of income for your access sources. In addition, if you do not know anything about online marketing, no web … you can still earn income from Tamodo with extremely simple jobs like: like and share articles, introduce new publishers. for Tamodo …

Affiliate Commission up to 90% (This means that there are some products worth $ 1000 when people buy through your Link, you will receive immediately and immediately 900 $)
Easy to make money with people (This will share of me below)
Cookie length of up to 360 days (great is not it, because when someone clicks on the link to introduce your campaign, they will be saved but they do not care and ignore but after a while. less than 360 days if this person comes back to buy you still get affiliate marketing money)
Referral bonus up to 7 grade (we’ll find out below)

OK I will go straight to the main issue so that the memes will not want to fumble about this deal, how we will make money.

Firstly, Tamodo currently has a referral program and for every Ref registered under the mem, the mem will receive $ 0.25 and min withdrawals are $ 10.

As shown below, after a few hours of tinkering I had a few dozen dollars and was able to withdraw through the BTC portal

This time Tamodo website is got error, because so many traffic from users.

Please patient and sign up when you can do it eazy.

Tamodo website got 504 time out ))

Next, like all other e-commerce sites, Tamodo has an “affiliate marketing campaign” and is not only the few and unique categories like Amazon or Alibaba but is extremely diverse, to say All For One always because mem can find almost all products at Tamodo from goods, education, travel, credit loans, … extremely much.

Partner with Tomado

What is special policy of Tamodo Affiliate commission?
Normally, other e-commerce sites will have very few pages with Ref Affiliate program like Tamodo, when memes introduce and sell a product, mem will only receive affiliate marketing money but with Tamodo The person you recommend knows about Tamodo when marketing and selling a product, the mem will still get money.

With Tamodo, memers will receive a 5% bonus on the income the person introduced to Tamodo and up to 7 levels.

tomado ref tree

You introduce A and A’s income is $ 100, you will be rewarded $ 5

A introduces B and B’s income is $ 100, you will still receive a commission of $ 5 and so on until 7 levels (A — B — C — D -E — F — G) until the end when F As an acquaintance who introduced G to Tamodo, when G had income you still received 5% of that income even though you didn’t know who they were.

This is what I want to mention, the mem won’t find anywhere like Tamodo.

And this will happen when you register and send your referral link to as many people as possible.

Because registration is free, WHY NOT?

I give you a basic statistic, you sign up and give your Referral Link for 5 people and these 5 people register and give Referral Link for others and so on if you’re lucky and hard to do then According to I statistics, the mem will have about 97,655 people working under me if enough 7 floors and this is entirely feasible because the people you introduce will recommend it to others if it is more beneficial, not a introduce yourself to over 90,000 people.

But needless to say, it’s super high if you achieve only the 4th floor, then your income / month will be $ 312

But what if the memes reach Level 7? If each person has $ 10 income, a modest figure, the mem will have an income of $ 48,827 just by registering and sending the registration link to others and it’s completely free.

Not counting if your Link is accidentally registered and made by a Master Affiliate Marketing, you will receive 5% of their income commission (This is possible because the information about Tamodo has not been completely announced to the market. and this is a great thing I give to the mem’s)

And as the above part I have shared, just 1 Ref will get you $ 0.25 and as the statistics table of I stated we will receive 5% of the income of the downlines applied to 7 levels — No Need to mention that the mem below you have sold or not.

If that happens, how will I withdraw money?
That is so simple !!

Currently, Tamodo supports people to withdraw money immediately and immediately through payment gateways: Bitcoin, Paypal, Moneybookers, … and even withdraws straight to your bank account.

And the minimum withdrawal limit is also extremely delicious, just enough $ 10 is the mem was able to withdraw money already.

So what are you waiting for :

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