Take a moment and appreciate that for the time being a price range of 8-10k is the new normal. Do you realize how fucking incredibly awesome this is?

Think three years back. Three years ago was november 2016. It may seem so, but that really really isn’t long ago. Do you know what the price of one bitcoin was in nov. 2016? Around 700 bucks. And even this is amazing if you think, say, seven years back.

And then, while price is nice, look at the volume since march/april this year. We are staying in unprecedented ath range wrt to volume. Someone is buying, and is buying a shitload.

Then there is bakkt. And lightning. The next halving in approximately six months. Trump tweeting about bitcoin. Next electrum version to implement lightning. And and and.

There are currently about 7,7 billion people on this earth. How many do you think are actively buying and holding bitcoin? How many take the time to learn and do understand why bitcoin is valuable, an unprecedented disruptive technology, completely unique in the history of mankind? An ideal of self-sovereignity and freedom?

I’d be surprised if it’s even 1% out of this 7,7 bill. I’d estimate around 0,5-0,75% of the world population are hodlers. Maybe.

Take a moment and appreciate the fact that we are among those. We are truly witnessing history in the making here.


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