Switch to a new career in blockchain technology with the skills you’ll learn in this $20 e-learning bundle

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Switch to a new career in blockchain technology with the skills you’ll learn in this $20 e-learning bundle



Blockchain technology today is everywhere from AccuWeather to health care. So job openings abound these days and, of course, it’s a field that holds many opportunities for the self-employed. If you’ve always been a blockchain enthusiast and would like to make that final leap to become a certified expert, then you can learn everything you need in The Blockchain Bootcamp Certification Training Bundle. And it’s currently available for just $19.99.

The bundle consists of three courses, all of which can be helpful at any skill level, so you need no prior experience or knowledge. “Enterprise Blockchain Bootcamp” teaches you how to generate more revenue using blockchain technology. This course is particularly useful for anyone who has to speak with the public as a blockchain expert, such as technical account managers and sales executives. It covers a comparison of the different enterprise blockchains, where you’ll find the most demand, Blockchains as a Service (BaaS) for AWS, IBM, Azure, and more.

You obtain an official certification by passing the Blockchain Training Alliance Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect exam, and this bundle includes “Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect (CBSA)” to prepare you for it. It explains exactly what you can expect before and after you take the test, gives you a great overview of the exam itself, and provides in-depth coverage of all the topics. The course demonstrates how businesses and governments are looking at blockchain technology as a way to become more efficient.

The final course, Certified Blockchain Developer (CBDH)”, prepares you for the Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger exam. It teaches you everything you’ll need to know about deploying smart contracts, how to design a Hyperledger model, creating access controls, and much more. You’ll get an overview of everything on the exam and learn all of the skills it will require you to demonstrate.

ITU Online Training has been offering online training since 2012. All of the courses include video lessons from expert instructors, progress trackers, a note-taking function, and practice exams. The company has won the Cybersecurity Excellence and Best in Biz Awards. The lectures are interesting and engaging, but if you need a little extra help focusing while you study, try shutting out distractions with these excellent wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

Don’t pass up this chance to learn the skills you need to become a certified blockchain expert, get The Blockchain Bootcamp Certification Training Bundle today while it’s only $19.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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