I can imagine this being integrated as a task of the miners as well. If the transaction is expensive enough and before confirming it. The miner would get in contact with the sender with an encrypted platform (the hashtag of the conversation is the Tx address by which both can find each other)

The platform could be as simple as tick-based interaction. You get a notification by the miner that you sent $x million worth of BTC. Would you like to confirm? you’d just tick to confirm, and there would be an option to tip the miner for this extra confirmation service. There will be no direct chatting but rather an option-based interface.

In this way, we did not compromise the anonymity of crypto and we added another layer of confirmation.

What do you guys think? I’m sure there are plenty of flaws in the idea but I think we need some sort of an added confirmation layer. My friend left crypto after his incident claiming it is complicated and money can be easily lost.

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