So amazing! QuikYield Airdrop worth $42,000,000! | by Huyminhkts | Oct, 2021

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So amazing! QuikYield Airdrop worth $42,000,000! | by Huyminhkts | Oct, 2021


Amazingly! A huge Airdrop campaign from QuikYield.
QuikYield is really a Decentralized Profit Farming project that includes many products like QLiquidity, QSwap, QBridge, QPay and QWallet on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Huobi ECO Chain, Avalanche and xDai blockchains.
They are having an Airdrop campaign of 100,000,000 tokens (42M$, QYU token value on pancakeswap).


Let’s see how QuikYield has come to fruition with attractive and extremely effective pieces in the Defi market.
They had:
1. QLiquidity –
QLiquidity is the World’s first Cross Blockchain Yield Farming Program, supports Multi-Chain, Truly decentralized, No locking, Withdraw your crypto and interest whenever you like.
2. QBridge
Swaps coins/tokens Cross Blockchain, et them within 5 minutes and 0% Fees.
3. QSwap
Also will have the same Multi-Chain support, guaranteed 2% slippage or less! high liquidity and low fees of course.
4. QPay
QPay is a Payment Gateway with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies support for business, freelancers or individuals.
Very low fees, supports many card types (isa, Master, AMEX, Dinner club), instant payment and money will be immediately deposited into your bank account.
5. QWallet
QWallet will enable users to send, receive, manage and track different blockchain wallets using a single application.
Safe, reliable, rich in functionality and no fees for cross-blockchain asset transfers.

I think this project is really a giant waiting to wake up, they will develop very quickly in the near future.
Take a look at how they come up with an amazing Airdrop campaign like I just featured above.
Seriously research them and don’t forget to join this Aridrop from QuikYield, you will get a lot of attractive rewards.
The official information channels of the project you need to know:

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