Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here’s new “gemmy” programming news digest.

In this digest you will learn how to debug hidden memory leaks in Ruby, get familiar with hashes and Array#intensection method in Ruby 2.7


  • Debugging Hidden Memory Leaks in Ruby

A tutorial on finding the big memory leak in new Rails 6 with heaptrack, mwrap, chap and iseq_collector.

A guide about hashes usage, and why author loves Hash more than HashWithIndifferentAccess

  • Exploring Linux File Locking Mechanisms in Ruby

Guide about using file locking mechanins on Linux in Ruby.


  • Ruby 2.7 Introduces a Array#intersection method 

Ruby 2.7 added new method called intersection which is enlighten in this article

  • Rails 6 adds delete_by and destroy_by methods

Detailed view on the methods, which deletes or destroys all the records that match the passed conditions


3rd major update of gem, designed to manage file attachments that supports resumable uploads and can work with Rails and standard Rack apps brings more “friedship” to non-Active record frameworks

Makes your numbers look “fancy”, or, in other words, turns it from 10 to “ten”

It’s a composable pipelines for enumerators, encouraged by Elixir’s pipe operator and Node.js streams.

Regulary updated gem, a simple payment abstraction library for the Shopify

With its help, macOS/iOS developers can script away boring management tasks and/or auto generate projects

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