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Whenever I buy anything I always think, man.. if i use this cash for bitcoin instead i can probably get more of this item in the future. So it always pains me to see people spending friviously on any non essential items that wont maintain purchase power like BTC.

I am in groups like silver and Pokémon cards etc and it hurts to see these people blowing their hard earned cash on metal and cardboard and missing out on the next parabolic move of BTC.

You cant say anything to these people or you will be chastised by the mobs. But it makes me sad knowing that so few people understand the massive opportunity cost of buying anything that isnt BTC right now.

Delay your satisfaction people. Minimize non-BTC purchases. You can look at the charts and see how many price points BTC will never ever touch again. You can be sure that the prices of BTC today wont be here for long and they will soon become regrets for many people.

TLDR: Keep stackin, team. We can go shopping later.

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