Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here’s new Python news digest.

Learn how to define your own Python function, check the applications of signal processing in machine learning, enum-switch update and check other cool stuff.


GitHub Actions is CI system by GitHub, which offers some interesting features, learn how to use Python with it

  • Defining Your Own Python Function

Great guide for beginners – learn how to define and call own Python functions

  • Bundling Python Dependencies in a ZIP Archive

Learn how to ship dependencies for your scripts as a single file

  • Applications of Signal Processing in Machine Learning

Learn signal processing is being used in ML with Python


  • We have to talk about this Python, Gunicorn, Gevent thing

Quite a pessimistic thought on what happens when you build around Python, Gunicorn, Gevent, and web requests


An attempt to create a way to do a reliable implementation for Python, of a switch thing like other languages have

Product analytics solution

Machine learning extension library for NetworkX

Corona virus report generation for python

Library for swagger documentation browsing and validating aiohttp requests using swagger specification 3.0

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