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This Perfume Smells Like Space

You might never get to experience outer space. But at least you can smell it. Get a whiff here »

I’m Making Popcorn for 100 People

Amazon is helping people like you host parties — viewing parties. And you can invite 100 of your friends. Get the scoop »

Get A New Job, Courtesy of Microsoft

By the end of this year, Microsoft wants to help 25 million people get a new job. Learn how »

Do These Glasses Look Cool to You?

Virtual Reality has so much potential. But the goggles and headsets you have to wear are goofy and bulky. Now Facebook is aiming to change that — with these »

Protect Yourself: An Electric Fence for Your Face

To minimize the risk of Covid-19, health officials say you shouldn’t touch your face. But heeding that advice is easier said than done. Now a wearable gadget can help »


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