The award-winning NinjaTrader 8 trading platform provides 5 different out-of-the-box skins to personalize your user experience. Since some traders prefer a dark user interface and others prefer a brighter experience, 5 different pre-installed skins are available to customize your trading workspace to your preferences.

Below are 5 built-in skins included with NinjaTrader 8:



Slate Gray

Slate Light

Slate Dark

Create Your Own Custom Skins

In addition to the 5 prebuilt skins included with NinjaTrader 8, users can also create their own unique skins to change the look and feel of the platform.
The easiest way to customize a skin is to begin with an existing skin file and creating a copy. Users who wish to customize native NinjaTrader skins will need to have a working understanding of XAML, or Extensible Application Markup Language, used for the display of applications in Microsoft Windows.

Skin files for NinjaTrader 8 are located in the following directory: DocumentsNinjaTrader 8templatesSkins

  1. Select the skin which most closely resembles your desired custom skin, then copy & paste the folder in the same directory, renaming the folder.
  2. Within the newly created skin folder, open the BluePrint.xaml file in a text editor.
  3. Edit the XAML tags as desired.
  4. To view changes, save the file and then close and restart NinjaTrader.
  5. Once your changes to BluePrint.xaml are satisfactory, repeat this process for each of the other files in the directory.

Learn more about NinjaTrader skins in this 1-minute video:

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