PARSIQ Announces Availability On Algorand To Improve Blockchain Transparency

PARSIQ, a blockchain monitoring system, has partnered with Algorand, a recently launched blockchain platform, to help improve the transparency of blockchain technology. PARSIQ will be immediately available to use for all businesses on the Algorand blockchain, making analysis easier and data more transparent than ever before.

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“PARSIQ’s enhanced blockchain compliance and reporting capabilities are the perfect addition to the growing suite of tools available to the Algorand community,” said Algorand CEO, Steve Kokinos. “Businesses on the Algorand blockchain will now be able to benefit from improved monitoring and analysis of their own ecosystem, allowing for faster growth and greater success in future.”

Andre Kalinowski, Co-founder at PARSIQ, said:

“It is a privilege to be partnering with Algorand, a company known for its pursuit of improving blockchain projects worldwide. We believe that transparency fosters trust, and this is crucial if blockchain is to see mainstream adoption in the future. Algorand’s dedication to improving blockchain transparency resonates with PARSIQ as a business, and we look forward to working together to help establish a better future for blockchain businesses.”

Launched in June 2019, Algorand is an innovation-centric blockchain platform with a focus on enabling the borderless economy, through technical achievements and performance levels not previously available. Algorand currently sustains over 1,000 transactions per second, with a sub-4.5 second block latency, providing enterprise-grade speeds and scalability. Founded by Silvio Micali, a Turing Award-winning cryptographer and MIT professor, Algorand provides the transaction finality, decentralization, security, and speeds needed for widespread adoption. 

As a permissionless and public blockchain platform, Algorand makes it simple for organisations to leverage blockchain for business improvement. Algorand has built an ecosystem of technology providers in order to provide the necessary tools and support needed to build next-generation solutions on blockchain platforms. PARSIQ is the latest addition to this suite of tools. 

PARSIQ is a next-generation blockchain monitoring and compliance solution, enabling deeper insights into various blockchains and the transactions taking place on them. This is facilitated by Smart Triggers – PARSIQ’s innovative monitoring technology, which is powered by the specialized ParsiQL programming language.

PARSIQ is already available as a beta monitoring platform on the Ethereum mainnet. It plans to add monitoring capabilities for the Bitcoin and Algorand blockchains in October.

For more information on PARSIQ and to trial its blockchain monitoring platform, go to

PARSIQ Announces Availability On Algorand To Improve Blockchain Transparency

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PARSIQ Announces Availability On Algorand To Improve Blockchain Transparency
PARSIQ Announces Availability On Algorand To Improve Blockchain Transparency
PARSIQ Announces Availability On Algorand To Improve Blockchain Transparency

PARSIQ Announces Availability On Algorand To Improve Blockchain Transparency

PARSIQ Announces Availability On Algorand To Improve Blockchain Transparency