Off-Blocks, a digital signature platform that specializes in providing government-tested document verification tools to the general public.

According to company CEO Colin Campbell, this week the platform launched a beta version of its mobile application for digital identification.

The app includes Factom blockchain anti-fraud mechanisms that the company created for the US Department of Homeland Security since last November. It is expected that the full version of the platform will be launched in the coming weeks.

According to Campbell, people and companies need the ability to verify the authenticity of various documents. Although signing contracts in PDF format is one of the most popular options for using digital signatures, Campbell notes that due to the growing level of digitization of business processes, there is a need for reliable platforms that can authenticate documents.

The big difference is you can sign any file in any format, however it’s presented to you. Imagine how you could interact with the digital world around you.


Colin Campbell

CEO of Off-Blocks

He said the service could be used by content creators seeking to prove their intellectual property rights, and even victims of car crashes, which must provide photographic “evidence” to insurance companies.

The Factom blockchain was chosen for work, as the company could not afford to pay high commissions for transactions specific to Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, many potential Off-Blocks customers objected to interacting with cryptocurrencies.

You won’t find a single mention of the word “blockchain” in the app. It’s become a bit of a dirty word.


Colin Campbell

CEO of Off-Blocks

If everything goes according to plan, then Off-Blocks users will not even understand that the service works on the blockchain. 

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