Nocks, an Amsterdam-based payment platform for bitcoin, has launched a browser extension called Nocks Nimble that recognizes bitcoin and Guldencoin wallet addresses.

Nocks Nimble gives users the ability to send payments to these addresses from within their Chrome or Firefox browsers. Once the user integrates the browser extension into their browser, they do not need to use the Nocks website to make payments.

Fast and Easy Cryptocoin Payments

Sending a payment with Nocks Nimble mostly consists of clicks, not copy pasting addresses and payment amounts into wallets. “We want to make payments seamless, login-free and always available,” Roel Buerra, co-founder, told CCN.

And a cool feature is that this also integrates Nocks in your browser, meaning you can send payments to bitcoin addresses with Guldencoin and send payments to Guldencoin addresses with bitcoin, all while the receiver simply receives what he or she wants to receive. All straight from your browser, without ever having to see the Nocks website.

The browser extension makes it especially easy to pay in bitcoin or Guldencoin when shopping online.

“Making a payment online isn’t too hard when you pay in stores or when you scan a QR code using your phone. But we feel we can always step it up a little bit. So the idea of Nimble came to mind where you make every bitcoin and Guldencoin address clickable within your browser,” Buerra said.

In Search of Bitcoin/Guldencoin Crosspayments

Buerra and fellow Dutch entrepreneur Patrick Kivits developed Nocks Nimble after recognizing that merchants who accept either bitcoin or Guldencoin don’t usually accept both currencies. In seeking a solution to help merchants accept both currencies, they came up with the idea for Nocks Nimble.

“We found that a lot of the altcoin’s users and merchants want to be able to spend their Guldencoin and Guldencoin’s merchants aren’t necessarily opposed to accepting bitcoin. They just prefer to receive Guldencoin,” Buerra said.

With Nocks, we make that cross payment possible and give the freedom to the user by giving them both the options of bitcoin and Guldencoin to pay with and let the receiver keep that same freedom by choosing the currency he or she wants to get paid in.

To install the browser extension, the user follows the instructions on the Nocks website. Once the extension is installed, the user can begin using it immediately.

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Faster Payments On Payment Websites

Another feature called Nocks Nimble allows users to make payments faster on websites such as Bitpay, Litepaid, CoinPayments and When the user’s wallet opens on the payment website, they will find Nocks has filled out the payment details. Nocks Nimble allows the payment process to work much faster.

Buerra and Kivits report a monthly volume of about €5000 on their platform. “We issue a lot of cross payments. People that want to use their bitcoin instead of their Guldencoin at a Guldencoin merchant or want to tip someone some bitcoin using their Guldencoin. With Nocks, the user has the freedom of using a coin he or she prefers, and the receiver keeps that same freedom. And best of all. It’s all instant,” said Buerra.

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