I’ve just set up a new full node on an rpi4 – fully synced and allowing incoming connections (50 max)!

Turned out the biggest issue was with my ISP using some kind of CGNAT not allowing me inbound connections. I tried everything with port-forwarding and UPnP etc which detected and assigned a UPnP IP successfully but still didn’t work. After discussing with my ISP they could offer a dynamic public IP which just took a few days after the order to come through. Restarted my home router and left it off for a few minutes and when I turned it back on the new IP was assigned. Only thing missing was to apply the port-forwarding and lo’ and behold – it’s aaaaliiiiiveeee 🙂

I also run a Tor Relay on the same rpi4. Any tips on possible tuning/tweaking and other stuff to help the network are welcome! Maybe I could raise the maxconnections parameter limit more given my bandwidth?

[email protected]:~ $ speedtest-cli --no-pre-allocate --secure --simple
Ping: 3.723 ms
Download: 299.50 Mbit/s
Upload: 234.00 Mbit/s
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