New BEP-20 NFT based token: Disaster Girl Token

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New BEP-20 NFT based token: Disaster Girl Token

Nowadays the crypto market has evolved a lot, this has led to the creation of the so-called NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

DISG is a new token that bets on this cryptographic innovation of NFTs. It has been developed by a group of Information Engineering students specialized in cryptography and is based on the NFT of the “Disaster Girl” meme, which was sold for $500,000.


The DISG code is a fork of BEE with some advantages, one of them is that 6% of the tokens are burned in each transaction, which makes the price increase over time by generating more demand. This burn rate will burn over time.


The purpose of this cryptocurrency is to give more prominence to the world of NFTs, helping them to grow and making transactions and exchanges between them cheaper and faster. The target price is $0.5, 1 year after the first pre-sale, the token burn rate and transaction fees will decrease as it increases.


If you float the coin you will be rewarded with a percentage of the coin for each transaction of the token made on the Binance Blockchain. This means that if, for example, you start with a 0.01% stake in the coin and maintain your DISG portfolio without making any transactions you could end up with a 1% or more stake between token burn and commission distribution.


One month after the end of the pre-sale period there will be an airdrop with 0.2% of the tokens raffled among the holders. On 05/18 of each year (token growth date) prizes will be drawn among all holders.


The pre-sale of the token started on May 26th and will end on June 6th, the token can not be bought cheaper than in this one because it will have a higher price in its release. It will be possible to do it on the website that I will attach below along with the social networks.




-Web page: