We have been working on multiple improvements, optimizations and integrations for the Nethermind Ethereum 3 (1+2) client.

Before listing the items that we have been working on in the last months I would like to say huge thank you too all the contributors to the project via GitCoin! While we were only able to submit our project in the very last day of the last matching round we got some super motivating contributions from you!

Also as always huge thanks to all the users and testers out there!

The things we have done:

  • optimized JSON RPC requests (submillisecond response times)

  • added support for all flavours of JSON RPC requests (IDs in hex, number, string, GUID)

  • added full support for Istanbul on all networks

  • added full support for AuRa (both synchronization and validation) allowing Nethermind to sync various AuRa based chains including xDai, POA and EWF chains

  • improved overall performance of our major sync operations by further 30%

  • with 1337 added an Alpine linux based Docker image

  • added support for various keystore formats (Metamask, MyCryptoWallet)

  • added multiple improvements for the Data Marketplace solution with better tx management, UI and ‘offchain’ modes

  • added support for Eth2 SSZ

  • added support for Eth2 Sparse Merkle Trees / merkleization

  • added support for Eth2 cryptography (BLS)

  • added handling for various non-standard networking behaviours from other clients improving general connectivity

  • improved the list of operations supported by a built-in CLI

  • added a built-in ethstats support

  • added tools for fuzz testing

  • added tools for EVM benchmarking

We are working now on:

  • design work for an integrated DeFi execution engine

  • discovery v5 implementation

  • Eth2 beacon chain

  • Eth2 staking support

  • DappNode and ARM64 (Raspberry Pi) images

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