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AMA Countdown:

Activity end at: 19:00 (UTC+8), Dec.17


SPOKKZ Price: around 0.08 USDT

Rewards and Conditions:

1.Follow @MXC_Fans and

2. Like and Retweet this tweet

3.Tag 3 friends

When both RT、Like reach 200, 2 lucky fans to be picked to get 85 SPOKKZ

When both RT、Like reach 300, 4 lucky fans to be picked to get 100 SPOKKZ

When both RT、Like reach 400, 5 lucky fans to be picked to get 115 SPOKKZ

When both RT、Like reach 500, 6 lucky fans to be picked to get 125 SPOKKZ

When both RT、Like reach 600, 7 lucky fans to be picked to get 140 SPOKKZ




When both RT、Like reach 1,000, 15 lucky fans to be picked to get 200 SPOKKZ

1.Where to participant in the SPOKKZ AMA?

Join MXC global telegram group,

2.How to win SPOKKZ AMA rewards?

Fill up the following google forms, the 5 picked questions in AMA segment 1, will be rewarded with 💰 75 SPOKKZ

End time: 10:00(UTC+8),Dec.17

3 best questions picked by the guest to get 💰125 SPOKKZ, get your question ready 🙂

There will be 10 questions, 2 winners for each question. The correct and fastest answers will be rewarded 💰60 SPOKKZ

The number of winner will be decided by the Twitter Retweets.

Less than 300 Retweets, 20 winners, 60 SPOKKZ for each winner.

301- 500 Retweets, 30 winners, 75 SPOKKZ for each winner.

500- 700 Retweets, 40 winners, 88 SPOKKZ for each winner.

701- 1000 Retweets, 60 winners, 115 SPOKKZ for each winner.

How to increase your opportunity?

Invite your friends to Like and Retweet. More Retweets and Likes, more likely to win.

Send “SPOKKZ TO DA MOON” at the end of AMA, and waiting for the host (MXC Global Community Manager , Molly)to release google form.

Winners will be picked by You order that you fill in the google form (The form will be released at the end of AMA) will be your number. For example, you fill the form at the 42th, then you will be one of winners.

3 mins to fill up form.

SPOKKZ official website


1.We will distribute all rewards into your account on MXC exchange. No account yet?

Register here

2. The using of several accounts, any cheating, spamming…will be disqualified and no rewards.

3.The lucky winner will be randomly picked by according to the order that you fill up the google form.

4. Any doubts ask admins in MXC global telegram group —

5.We will distribute rewards within 7 working days after the event ends.

MXC exchange reserves the final explanation, the right to modify supplementary agreement and suspend the program.

Enjoy your trading on MXC Exchange.

MXC Team

Dec. 16

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