Multi Strategist is a fully automated Expert Advisor. It utilizes
seven indicator-based trading strategies which work in combination or separate. Each strategy uses a unique indicator
combination. The strategies have been developed by cloud-based Strategy screening and each strategy has been tested and selected out of
billions of possible strategies.

Indicators implemented in the strategies are among others:

  • Moving Averages
  • Pivot Points (Standard or Fibonacci)
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Directional Movement Index (DMI) & Average Directional Index (ADX)
  • Alligator
  • Momentum
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
  • Williams Percent Range (WPR)


  • Easy to use
  • The market changes over time, so change
    with it!
  • Seven trading strategies available to optimize trading.

  • Parallel Mode(Hedging accounts only): Strategy will trade in parallel to each other.

  • Average True Rangeis used to calculate volatility sensitive 
    stop losses and take profits
  • Integrated Money Management

  • Trailing stopssupport profit taking and loss limitation.
  • Partial Closing of positions.
  • Optional automatic trade closing on Fridays
  • Developed and optimized for, but not limited to, EURUSD H1. Easy to optimize further.
  • Spread filter
  • Info Panel

Recommended use

  • Register a virtual server (VPS).
  • Load Expert Advisor on EURUSD H1 Chart with provided set files.
  • Synchronize Terminal with VPS by clicking “Synchronize experts, indicators”.

Note: Info Panel is deactivated by default to save resources. Can be activated in settings. Turn off for non-visual Strategy-Tester and
optimizations to increase speed.

Recommended settings

  • Account balance: >1000 EUR
  • Risk per Trade: < 5 % . The higher MaxPositions is, the lower risk per single trade should be set, because of parallel trades.
  • optimization settings: e.g.

  • auto MinProfit Multiplier: 0.3-0.7 (lower leads to more trades and higher winning rate but less avg profit per
  • auto TrailingStop Multiplier: 0.3-0.7
  • Strategy combinations


InfoPanel Settings

  • Show InfoPanel:shows optional info panel.

  • Panel on the right:if true InfoPanel will appear on the right.

  • Move downwards
    : moves panel downwards on the y-axes.

  • Scaling:changes size of panel.

Set Trading Mode

  • Max PositionsSets the number of trading positions simultaneously allowed at the same time. (Each Strategy always can
    only have one trade open.

    Exception: if hedging is allowed, an opposite order is allowed, too.)

  • Use OCO: Strategy specific one-cancels-the-other order. Example: if ‘true’ open buy trade of
    Strategy 0 get closed as soon as strategy 0 generates a sell signal.

  • Allow Hedging: if ‘true’ open trade of gets opened next to an already opened opposite trade of the same
    strategy if this strategy generates a signal for it.

Choose Strategies

  • Use Strategy 0-6: Each strategy can be switched on and off.

Set Magic Numbers

  • Magic 0-6: Each Strategy has its own magic number. Make sure that each magic number is unique and that no other expert
    advisor uses the same number in your terminal.

Money Management

  • Risk per Trade: In percent; sets risk per trade (does not affect chance of winning a trade). Corresponds to the
    percentage of your account balance you are willing to lose if the next trade is lost.

  • Max Spread: Sets spread limit in pips for opening trade.

Money Managment advanced

  • Auto LotSize: Automatic lot calculation based on risk, account balance and stoploss.

  • Auto TakeProfit: if true Average True Range (ATR) is used to calculate TakeProfit.

  • Auto StopLoss: if true Average True Range (ATR) is used to calculate stoploss.

  • ATR SL Multiplier: Is used to calculate StopLosses by multiplying ATR SL multiplier with ATR (calculated in pips).

  • ATR TP Multiplier: Is used to calculate TakeProfits by multiplying ATR TP multiplier with ATR (calculated in

  • min SL/TP: min allowed stoploss and takeprofit in pips.

  • max SL/TP: max allowed stoploss and takeprofit in pips.

  • fixed TakeProfit: if ‘UseAutoTakeProfit’   is set to false, fixed stoploss is used.

  • fixed StopLoss: if ‘UseAutoStopLoss’   is set to false, fixed stoploss is used.

  • fixed LotSize: only if UseAutoLotSize is turned off: sets fixed lot size per trade.

  • max LotSize: sets max allowed lot size.

Trailing Settings

  • Use Trailing: turns trailing on or off.

  • Auto Trailing Settings: if true minimum profit and trailing stop are calculated automatically (see below)

  • manual Minimum Profit: if UseAutoTrailingSettings is ‘false’, sets minimum profit in pips before trailing

  • manual Trailing Stop: sets the trailing stop in pips

  • auto MinProfit Multiplier: Multiplier times current take profit equals current minimum profit.

  • auto TrailingStop Multiplier: Multiplier times current minimum profit equals current trailing stop.

  • Trailing Step: sets the trailings step in pips.

Time tools

  • Close Fridays: if set to ‘true’, trades are being closed before the weekend.

  • hours before market closes: if ‘
    Close Fridays’is true, sets time when open trades are closed before market closes (server time) on Friday in hours.

Partial Closing Settings

  • Use Partial Closing: if true profitable trades get partially closed at certain level of profit.

  • Auto MinProfit: if true, sets the profit as ratio to TakeProfit that has to be reached to do a partial close.

  • Auto MinProfit (TakeProfit-Ratio): Example:5 means half of the potential profit at TakeProfit has to
    be reached to do a partial close.

  • Manual MinProfit in currency: if Auto MinProfit is false, it will set the minimum profit in currency to do a partial
    close. Example: 50: 50$ profit has to be reached to do a partial close.

  • Close-Keep-Ratio: Sets position size to be closed as ratio. Example: 75: 75% of the position
    gets closed and 25% of the position remains.

      •  If set to
        1: whole position gets closed as soon MinProfit is reached.
      • If lotsize is to small to do the desired partial close, nothing will happen.

Other Settings

  • skip incompatible parameters: If true, the Strategy-Tester will skip incompatible setting combinations during

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