We’re thrilled to announce our first digital meetup on March 30, 14:00 (GMT).

The topic for this meetup will be the impacts of COVID-19 on DeFi & where our industry will go from here.

The event is happening next Monday (March 30) at 2PM GMT. You can ask your questions on this Reddit thread — please make sure to specify which panel it’s for.

We’ll pick the two most upvoted questions for each panel (8 total) & forward them to our moderators to guide the discussion.

Here are the panels and speakers:

I/ COVID19 Pandemic: a trial by the fire for DeFi

— The Crypto Black Thursday tested the resiliency of DeFi’s ecosystem. What insights can we draw from this stress test?

II/ Exploring alternative approaches to design trustless stablecoins

— In times of crisis – an unstoppable & stable currency is even more of a necessity: can we design a trustless stablecoin able to withstand intense market activity?

III/ DeFi for good: hacking communities

— Can the crypto-economics, game theory & other learning drawn from cryptocurrencies help design the framework for sustainable communities?

IV/ Can DeFi help shape up the new world economy?

— How DeFi is used to help individuals and communities face the challenges of the current crisis.

The meet up will be streamed on Twitter, and all questions will be fed from our twitter feed: https://twitter.com/monolith_web3

The video recording will be released shortly after.

Feel free to ask your questions right now (make sure to specify panel 1,2,3 or 4) & share the event and see on Monday!

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