Meet The Digital Economic Council Of Australia (DECA)

The leading industry association, formerly known as Blockchain Australia, has undergone a comprehensive rebranding.

Now called the Digital Economic Council of Australia (DECA), the organization has broadened its scope to encompass a wider array of digital economic activities, signaling a “transformative leap” towards inclusivity in the evolving tech space.

Strategic Rebranding To Embrace A Broader Vision Aside from Blockchain

Amy-Rose Goodey steps in as the new CEO of DECA, succeeding Simon Callaghan, whose resignation coincided with the organization’s strategic overhaul.

This name change marks a “deliberate move” to embrace blockchain technology and other emerging digital sectors such as digital ID, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Goodey, previously the COO of Blockchain Australia, emphasized the necessity of evolving with the industry, reflecting the expanding landscape that now includes digital identities, AI, and the broader spectrum of Web3 technologies.

Under Goodey’s leadership, DECA aims to redefine its focus, catering to a diverse membership that spans crypto and Web3 companies, governmental bodies, charities, and sectors involved in tokenization, payments, and banking. The former COO of Blockchain Australia particularly noted:

Originally, we had a lot of focus on the digital asset businesses who were the primary cohort, but we have expanded significantly… We’ve got digital ID and AI, and obviously, we’ve got Web3, consultants, cybersecurity — all of these different businesses need to feel like they’re reflected in the association.

This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between traditional financial institutions and crypto enterprises, advocating for nuanced regulatory frameworks that “boost innovation” while ensuring “strong consumer protection.”

Aligning With Australia’s New Crypto Asset Regulations

The rebranding comes at a critical time when Australia’s regulatory environment regarding digital assets is tightening, albeit in a structured manner that could help long-term industry growth.

For instance, recent legislative adjustments have seen the prohibition of digital currency and credit card usage for online gambling, aiming to curb financial excesses and promote responsible behavior among consumers.

Kai Cantwell, who serves as the CEO of Responsible Wagering Australia, an independent body for providers licensed to offer gambling services in Australia, noted:

This is an important measure to protect customers, making it easier for people to stay in control of their own gambling behavior.

Moreover, DECA’s transformation aligns with significant developments in the financial sector, such as the approval and trading of Monochrome Asset Management’s Bitcoin ETF on Cboe Australia.

This move is poised to enhance the accessibility and attractiveness of cryptocurrency investments in the region, reflecting a growing acceptance of digital assets within mainstream financial markets.

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