Look for help.. is it even worth mining with my specs?

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Look for help.. is it even worth mining with my specs?

I’ll be stuck at home for the next month recovering from a surgery and ive been reading into mining. At first I wanted to mine bitcoin but I found it to be not worth my input for the output it showed.

My question is can I Mine Ether with my PC(ryzen 3600) and GPU(Asus Gtx 1070 OC rog strix edition) And would it be worth my time and be able to turn a profit im located around Chicago and my current rate per khw is around 12.5 cents if im looking at the right information? If that even matters lol ..in all honestly it doesn’t matter how much I would make just so long as I wasn’t losing money.

Am I missing anything? Is it possible? I’m open to all input whether bad or good

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